Is gastroscopic intestinal epithelial hyperplasia serious?Is it stomach cancer?

Sep 29 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

January 2020 gastroscopy is non-atrophic superficial stomach, two years of recurrent acid reflux, mouth saliva, heartburn, strong hunger in the morning!Also killed H. pylori 3 times, the 3rd time failed, in August stopping the medication to recheck or positive!In September, I had a repeat gastroscopy and was positive for H. pylori, and the doctor said I had to wait a few months after the failure before I could kill again!The pathology report on the focal mucosal atrophic changes with intestinal epithelial metaplasia!What does this mean?Is it atrophic gastritis now?Or is it localized into atrophic gastritis?Is the intestinal epithelial metaplasia the whole stomach?Or is it a partial intestinal metaplasia?Can intestinal metaplasia be cured?Is it possible that I am going to get stomach cancer?I am so worried, please ask the experts to solve the problem.Thanks

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