Increasingly poor gastrointestinal function, severe constipation with fine mucus, bloating, intestinal tinnitus

Oct 01 20214 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Hello doctor, my stomach and intestines have been getting worse in the last six months. First, constipation has become more and more serious, and in recent months I have to use a corker to squat; second, my stools are very thin and not very well formed, with a lot of mucus; third, I get bloated when I eat something, and I have a stomach full of gas, which can only be expelled when I have a bowel movement, and my left abdomen occasionally has a slight pain; fourth, my bowel sounds are stronger, especially after eating and after I have a bowel movement.I can hear a sound similar to the sound of running water sometimes.What kind of medicine should I take for this condition?Thank you for your answer.

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