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How is a Tfcc soft tissue wrist injury treated?

Sep 29 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

The pain has been present for about almost 20 days, the cause is unknown, and I went to the hospital for an MRI.The left hand was diagnosed with a mild tfcc injury and a small amount of effusion, and the right hand was diagnosed with a small amount of effusion.Is the ulnar styloid process in the right wrist normal in the picture?I feel some bulge, and when I pressed it today, I could actually press it down and it would pop up on its own.It shouldn't be a fracture, right?The doctor dispensed some topical herbs, soaked and treated daily, and usually applied Xue Shan Jin Luo Han coating.Now half of the medicine has been used, no significant improvement has been seen.I wake up in the morning with a better wrist, and the pain occurs randomly during the day.What is the next step for the doctor?Thank you

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