Will the child freeze and freeze and will it affect fertility?

Sep 30 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

The boy is 6 years old, every night after dinner in the living room naked play, the living room underground laid a large cotton mattress, the boy and his sister in the underground mattress naked play, play toys, the night before last about six o'clock to the boy bath, after the bath to cover a quilt, the first few days the window is open during the day, and then let me close, just leave the kitchen a window not closed, day and night the kitchen thatThen the boy went to play with his sister on the mattress on the ground after the bath, I went to do laundry and clean up the house, and then the child did not cover the blanket, so he played naked on the mattress on the ground, playing for about three hours, at nine o'clock at night, before he went to bed in the bedroom, his legs and feet were cold, and yesterday he started to have a big snotty nose, please askWill it freeze and have an effect on fertility?And playing on the mattress on the ground, will it cool up, freeze and affect fertility ah?The picture was taken last night, his sister is still wearing some pants, the night before last and every day these two children are almost naked, just wearing a panty to play on it, but also played for several hours.Before the weather is not so cold, I did not care, these two days cold.The day before yesterday, I didn't take off my clothes, but yesterday I started to take off my clothes.Will it have an effect on fertility?

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