The right side of my belly button has been bloated for six months, and I feel like I'm swaying when I walk above my belly button at what looks like my stomach.

Sep 30 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Age 57, female, bloating on the right side of the navel for six months, intermittent, bloating 5-6 times a day at random times, also bloating when hungry; above the navel resembling the stomach feel a fluttering sensation when walking, feel a swaying sensation inside, feel panic when walking a little faster.When I saw a Western doctor, I had an ultrasound of the abdomen and a CTU, both of which found abnormalities.After 2 months of taking Chinese herbal medicine to regulate the spleen and stomach, I could not get better.I've had several consultations and tests, but I can't find the exact cause.

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