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Coughing with phlegm, clear nose, and throat bubbles

Jul 05 20203 people replied
Description Of Condition:

I suddenly felt abnormal pain in the throat in the afternoon of the first did not care, the second morning the voice changed, ate Huasu tablets throat does not hurt, during the day has been clear runny nose, sleep at night all night, about 12:00 headache, dizziness to sleep in the morning can not.The second morning the pharmacy prescribed two days of medicine to eat until last night.Today the symptoms of hoarseness, the voice becomes low and rough, the symptoms are heavier in the morning, then increase with activity, hoarseness is reduced after not vocalizing, more speech and increase the symptoms, cough up throat secretions and gradually improve, evolve into a persistent rustling cough to remove sticky phlegm.I often feel pain when I speak a little loudly.

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