Shock!A mysterious circular mark was suddenly found on the inside of the arm of a young girl

Sep 29 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Hello everyone, is there a dermatologist?Can you help me ask, I suddenly found a rounded mark on the inside of my arm in the past two weeks, as if a layer of skin had been rubbed off, but I have not been injured, nor do I remember any violent friction.The original seems to be colorless, very unnoticeable, does not itch, a little skin, feel a little rough, very strange, look at the light, the pattern is the kind of thin vertical stripes one by one.The color became a little darker a little light orange feeling, and a little red marks feel like scratching.I take a bath every day and don't understand what the symptoms are out of a this thing want to apply medicine to cure it so as not to affect the beauty, thank you doctor!I grew up with a very good feeling about doctors, you work hard!

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