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Red rash around skin after burns peel

Sep 29 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

I have been applying Mepore Burn Cream for 20 days now.Now the skin is peeling, peeling new skin raised red spots I rubbed erythromycin ointment (have used iodophor to wipe clean the wound and then rubbed erythromycin), there is some good.Now that the skin is peeling, I have red spots around the skin (like a rash. I applied erythromycin ointment and fusidic acid cream, but they don't seem to go down.)Is this an allergy, doctor?It's a little itchy, but not particularly itchy, can I use any medication?Also, I would like to ask the doctor how long I need to apply Mepore Burn Cream before I can stop applying it.

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