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Prostatic hyperplasia leads to endless urine,

May 14 20223 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Recently, the symptom is that some urine is endless! I have had chronic aseptic prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia before. I've taken a lot of medicine. Go to the urology department of the hospital and take a film. The medicine hasn't been prescribed! After taking tadalafil tablets and jingshiling capsules, the amount of urination increased significantly, and the symptoms of frequent urination and urgent urination basically disappeared. The doctor asked me to have a urethral dilatation before. I didn't have time to do it! Night urine is only once or twice. There's no dripping white or something! I feel that the doctors in the hospital are fooling people. I want to do a enucleation of the prostate or prostate expansion. Don't do it! Not enough urine leads to frequent micturition. You have to take jingshiling capsule diuretic at an interval!

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