What is my disease?

Sep 29 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Hello, doctor!I had occasional nose bleeding some time ago, and last week my ears were a bit tinnitus, I think, and my hearing was somewhat affected, and my ears followed my heartbeat, so I felt that there was something wrong with my nose or ears, so I went to the hospital on September 20 for a checkup.After the examination, the doctor said it was allergic rhinitis and water in the ears (the doctor said it was caused by the nose), and then the doctor prescribed me desensitization medication, Changdi and budesonide, nasal lang, and loratadine tablets.However, after I put the medicine for a week, my nose became a lot of snot, a yellow thick snot, especially after getting up from lunch break, which was not the case before, just some snot, and my ears are still not well.Because my nose used to have only occasional nosebleeds, not so much yellow snot and other problems, I had these conditions only after I was put on medication, and my condition didn't feel any better after I was put on medication, I would like to ask, could this be another condition?How else should I treat it?What medication to put in?

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