There are teeth marks on both sides of the tongue, and it always feels a little painful when the teeth bite the tongue

Sep 29 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

I have teeth marks on both sides of my tongue, and I always feel like my teeth are biting my tongue and it hurts a little, especially on the left side, and I started feeling more uncomfortable yesterday (September 28, 2021), and I feel like I'm biting my tongue when I sleep at noon. 1.I'd like to know what I need to pay attention to. 2. do I need to take any medicine?There is no easy way to go to the hospital because of the current epidemic in Xiamen 3, I usually drink a lot of water to meet the needs of 8 glasses of water, usually also more than 10 o'clock on the habit of going to bed, I also do not eat spicy.

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