The foot has been injured before, pain and swelling for more than a month now is still very painful how to

Sep 29 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

The left foot has been injured before, before going to the Chinese hospital said that the ligament has been loosened, and then a fracture will be completely ruined, and then the right foot is also, the right foot is lighter, the left foot is more serious, now work every day to stand and carry heavy objects, the foot began to swell, slightly painful, and then did not care, and not how to paste ointment, now the pain swelling for more than a month, near the ankle of the leg has been swollen a circle, and now the pain can not, paste ointmentspray medicine does not work, this situation to the hospital how to see, can not open a certificate, see the surface of the foot is obviously swollen, the left foot serious right foot okay

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