Is it possible to have a relationship with anxiety?

Sep 28 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Can I fall in love with someone with anxiety?Recently, I often feel bad, there is always a sense of near death, and always for no reason especially nervous, a burst of particularly uncomfortable.And always afraid that I have a disease, the thought of the heart is difficult, went to the hospital to check, there is nothing wrong.I went to the psychology department, and after doing tests and examinations, the doctor said that I had anxiety, that my anxiety and fear were stronger, and that I would be fine if I took medicine to regulate it, but there was no clear diagnosis to prove that I was anxious.I was prescribed tandospirone capsules and paroxetine, and also some Chinese medicine, and have been eating for two weeks, feeling quite good, basically nothing uncomfortable feeling, the doctor said to adhere to eat three months a course of treatment, and then slowly reduce the amount will be good.Can I have a relationship in this situation?Will there be any repercussions?I feel as if my anxiety doesn't affect others, or is it more a matter of feeling uncomfortable myself.I get along with my co-workers at work, and it doesn't seem like I'm anxious on the surface.Can any doctor give me some guidance?

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