The wound is still bad for a week, pus

Sep 11 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

The wound hasn't healed for a week, then pus comes up, it hurts and itches, and the area around it is red and swollen.I squeezed the pus today, and then that's what happened.I didn't put anything on it before and didn't bother with it.Today, after squeezing the pus, it is not so itchy.Today I ate roxithromycin, washed with hydrogen peroxide, and then I also put on erythromycin ointment.Before is a layer of skin holding the pus, then may be wearing shoes covered to, has been bad, has not been dry Ba.Today after squeezing the pus the whole piece is concave.I'm a little scared, do I still have to deal with him?Should I wrap it up?

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