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I don't know what to do because my butt is itchy

Aug 30 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

I have a big round red thing on my buttocks, very itchy, not painful. 4 months ago also grew, and then used a called fumonisone furosemide ointment rubbed well, is the picture 3. but last Monday relapsed, I used this cream again, at first very helpful, after using 4 days I feel almost to be healed, no itchy, touch also no trace.But on the 5th day, it grew back, and the cream did not help, the itch is still itchy, and also recovered the same as last Monday, please ask the big guys how to solve this?The reason for this is that I can't go to the county or the city if I'm not particularly ill, it's too far away and I have to drive for 2 hours once, so I can only go to the town to buy some ointment and rub it.You guys help to see, there is no big brother know this skin disease, I need to buy what ointment to rub good, thank you big brother.

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