I have been preparing for pregnancy with polycystic ovary syndrome for many years.

Sep 23 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

August 17, 2021, the first day of menstruation, August 22, the period is finished, the 15th day of menstruation began to take regional progesterone tablets twice a day, one tablet at a time, a total of 10 days, August 31, 2021 began to take, September 9, regional progesterone tablets finished, September 13, the first day of menstruation. September 17 is the 5th day of menstruation began to take Letrozole, once a day, 2 capsules at a time, for 5 daysStopped.I'm not sure how to see the dominant follicle on the ultrasound sheet, but I can only listen to what the doctor says.

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