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A wound on the leg was bitten by a puppy pants

Sep 11 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

I would like to ask the doctor hello, I would like to ask this evening by the kind of just born should also be a week or so of a small dog, just through the pants there bite, bite my pants, and then last night the foot of that location, there is a wound, today just a little bit of small scabs, I would like to ask, if this is the case to play rabies vaccine, well I was after about 10 minutes 15 minutes or so, and then I justI felt a little scared, so I bought a bottle of alcohol to eliminate the poison is to ask whether you need to play rabies vaccine?Because I heard that if the saliva with the words with the rabies vaccine will also touch the wound will also have the possibility of infection, so I want to ask for clarification.I also want to ask, if the bitch was vaccinated and the puppies were just born, would that be okay?Thank you, doctor, please answer.(Male, 29 years old)

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