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Suspected liposarcoma or fetal leiomyosarcoma

Sep 28 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

My father is 52 years old and has always been in good health and slightly fat.He has no family history of hereditary cancer and has a history of longevity.On September 24, he went to the hospital for a cough and throat itch and was advised to have a CT scan of the lungs, which revealed a shadow and a large mass in the right abdominal cavity.Further abdominal ultrasound and enhanced ultrasound were done. The abdominal ultrasound is shown below.At present, only the pancreas was not scanned, and the first doctor suspected a teratoma, which was a lucky result.However, an old director of a tertiary care hospital suspected liposarcoma.At the moment, my father is just coughing more, no other reflections.I was also assigned to work in Northeast China by the organization after graduation, and I have been working on epidemic prevention and rural revitalization, so I haven't been home for a long time.I have just returned home and am in a hurry.I would like to ask all the experts and doctors to give their valuable opinions from the perspective of transfer.In the end, which is the preference, malignant or benign.We are also prepared to see if it's serious enough to raise money, and to contact the hospital in Beijing.(always in the local tertiary hospital examination and consultation, the current pathology has not been done)

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