Insomnia, intermittent sleep, waking up many times during the night

Sep 26 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

On August 31, I started to have a sore throat, and the pain was for 6 days, then I didn't sleep at night on the sixth day, and I didn't sleep during the day on the seventh day, and I couldn't sleep after sleeping for three hours on the seventh day.After taking temazepam for about 5 days, I could fall asleep under the effect of sleeping pills, but I felt that I slept less and less every day, then I stopped taking sleeping pills, and now I can fall asleep on my own.Sometimes I drink some water and sometimes I go to pee.I never woke up so many times in the night when I was normal before, and I don't feel sleepy every time I wake up from intermittent sleep recently, I feel like I can wake up at any time in the middle of the night, unlike before when I woke up in the night to go to the bathroom and went back to sleep because I was sleepy.Recently, I can basically concentrate during the day, forcing myself to do running and walking to do some sweaty exercises, and I feel sore and weak in my back and legs every day, especially my thighs are not strong, which is definitely different from the previous normal sleep state.Appetite in general, no special hunger and full feeling, but they always want to go to eat some snacks to meet the mouth chewing.I have lost 2 kg in the first few days of insomnia and have regained some weight in the last two weeks.What should I do?

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