The child fainted for no reason, but normally everything is normal

Sep 08 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Hello, Doctor!My doll first fainted in kindergarten class, and she fainted for no reason in class and broke her face, but the teacher helped her up and everything was fine.At that time, we thought it was caused by malnutrition because my child was not eating properly.This time, she fainted last week when she was in music class. Because there were not enough benches in the classroom, she stood up for the class, and the classroom door and windows were closed.The doll said she felt a little stuffy and thought of opening the window to ventilate.She fainted when the window was not opened.The teacher helped him up and threw up!Consciousness was clear.Went to the hospital and checked blood sugar and EKG were normal.Everything is fine with the doll now!I wonder what is wrong with the doll?What should we check?I plan to bring it to the hospital for examination during the Mid-Autumn holiday.Please give me some advice!Thank you, doctors!

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