How to solve the long-term constipation, take three yellow tablets better or mahjong pill?

Sep 20 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

I have been constipated since I was a child, but recently it has become more serious, and I can only poop a little bit at a time, and first I poop a little mucus-like stuff.And I feel bloated and uncomfortable, and I can feel the gas rumbling in my stomach when I sleep at night.(I went to the hospital to check the gas in my belly, but the doctor didn't say anything.) Sometimes my belly hurts, from both sides of my ribs to both sides of my belly button, and the position is not fixed.The pain is much better when you lie down, like the pain of flatulence, and sometimes when you lie down and can't move, the pain starts again in a different position.It gets better off and on for a few days, then a few months later it starts again.I find that it is more likely to do so every time I am not very constipated.What can I take to cure it?The red dragon fruit and yogurt are not useful, the corkage is probably my usage is not right also does not work for me

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