It is suspected to be scraped by a bicycle, is it infected with syphilis or other germs

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Description Of Condition:

Tires may be pressed to other people's toilet paper, tires and scraped to my thighs.About an hour later, the skin color returned to normal, but there was a red spot, and it didn't seem to hurt to feel it, so I didn't know if it was a red mole or a bleeding spot, but it didn't bleed when I squeezed it.As in Figure 3.Paper towel in the elevator door fell how long is not sure, upstairs saw, three or five minutes apart, the wheel touched.The wheel scratched my thigh again, and half an hour later I went home to rinse the skin at the tire cut, and the outer pants at the cut touched the red dotted skin.My family had a blood transfusion, and since then I have somehow been afraid of syphilis and AIDS because of my cleanliness.How can not get rid of.I've been very careful about leaving the house, but I still had an accident.The message is very long, so please read it carefully.Thank you. Question 1: Is AIDS contagious?Question 2, if AIDS is unlikely, can syphilis be transmitted through such accidental wounds, as it seems to have a long survival time in the air?My son is 11 years old and always scrapes his feet easily on his bike.

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