Throat gagging several times, holding, pressure, urgency

Sep 20 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Doctor, hello, I started around June 18, the reason is to quarrel with my husband loudly, talking for a longer time, the next day began to gulp loud, originally good at night, the results of the night again, since then it has not been good, sometimes heavy and sometimes light, when light gulp will sound, heavy, feel urgent, pressure, suffocating, gulp the whole throat sounded several times, like a popping sound or bone friction, but my throat has beenI don't know where the quarrel has led to relaxation, or if something has grown, I feel it is not inside my throat, but outside, about from the junction of the head and neck, and downward, it does not affect when eating, but is very comfortable, and it is not uncomfortable to be propped up.It's been more than three years, can it still be good?

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