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How to treat hypertension and diabetes?

Feb 03 20223 people replied
Description Of Condition:

There are 4 to 5 years of high blood pressure, and has been eating Xin Luo Ping. Recently, the unit medical examination found that there was diabetes, maybe physical reasons, and the mood was too intense. The hospital went to the hospital for blood pressure to 210 of 130, and stayed in hospital for several days. The doctor changed drugs, including Nifedipine Controlled Release Tablets, Metoprolol Succinate Sustained-release Tablets, pulindindapamide, aspirin and four aspirin each morning, Acarbose Tablet and pioglitazone metformin tablets three times a day. After eating, the blood pressure is basically between 130-80 or 140-80, but I don't know what the reason is. Now I'm always dizzy. Also, I want to ask if I've taken more of these drugs

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