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Ask the doctor if this is autism

Feb 03 20222 people replied
Description Of Condition:

When the child is three years old, he can't speak. He often chatters and talks about things that adults don't understand. He only calls his mother when he wants something, and only calls his mother when he sees anyone. When his parents teach him to shout, he ignores his parents and doesn't take the initiative to speak. He doesn't play and communicate with children in school for a few months. He is busy at home and doesn't have time to take care of him, so he gives him a mobile phone and plays every day, One day, I only learn to speak with my mobile phone. When I learn with my mobile phone, my pronunciation is not very clear, and I often lose my temper. Sometimes I cry for a long time. When I take something, I will pull it without pointing. When I talk to him, I can't understand it. My parents are very upset. They don't look at each other with eyes, have no problem with hearing, and don't want to go anywhere.

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