I have been coughing for a month and all three tests are normal, what should I do?

Sep 23 20214 people replied
Description Of Condition:

I started coughing at the end of August until now. I went to the doctor on September 12, had a normal chest X-ray, took cold asthma Zupa granules, 7 days of levofloxacin, licorice tablets, and eucalyptus lemongrass enteric capsules, but it kept going back and forth without much improvement.Later, I had a nitric oxide breath test and blood tests, both of which showed normal and no elevated white blood cells.I still have a bad cough, but I don't cough when I'm asleep, and I'm better when I'm lying down, and I cough more during the day.What's wrong with me, doctor?What should I do to treat it?Is there anything I should pay attention to in my daily life?I would like to ask for help from experienced doctors.

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