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Excuse me, is this situation really serious enough to need tooth extraction treatment?

Dec 04 20203 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Hello, I'm a patient with unilateral cleft lip. When I was a child, one of the gums was slightly cracked due to cleft lip defect, so I lost a tooth. So after orthodontics, the doctor installed five porcelain teeth (all in the front teeth, which are five consecutive crowns). Now it has been 18 years. Generally speaking, I don't feel any problems of dental disease and toothache, but recently I found that one of the porcelain teeth is a little loose, The gums are still a little swollen, but they are slightly loose, and it may take too long. The back of the teeth are worn to expose a lot of metal parts inside. There is a hard feeling behind the loose one, which grinds the tongue, and the front of the teeth are intact. But I'm currently in South Korea. At that time, porcelain teeth were made in China. Now I can't go back to China because of the epidemic. I asked several dental hospitals in South Korea and took pictures for me. Then the doctor said that I might need tooth extraction. I don't feel pain or bleeding at all. It can be said that there are basically no symptoms. How can I reach the degree of tooth extraction? If I just lose the adhesive of porcelain fused to metal teeth due to too long time, how can I judge that there must be looseness of this tooth? And after searching the website, many Chinese dentists can't say that they don't pull out their teeth as a last resort and can be treated. So now I'm in a very low mood. I'd like to ask experts to help me see if I really need tooth extraction, as the Korean dentist said? By the way, one of the dentists said that I need to remove my denture first to judge whether it is loose or loose. But once it is removed, he may have to pull out my teeth. He said that if there is a problem with sticking new all ceramic teeth to me without pulling out my teeth, they are not responsible

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