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Bleeding occurred about 11 days after ovulation

Feb 01 20223 people replied
Description Of Condition:

At present, all indicators are normal. The ovulation day should be on January 20, during which there is a roommate. The doctor ordered to take two progesterone capsules every morning and evening after the ovulation day. He has been taking progesterone capsules for 11 consecutive days. Today, it looks a little brown and pink bleeding during the day. He just went to the toilet and wiped it. There is a little bright red blood. Usually, it has been a regular holiday 14 days after the ovulation day. There is no other discomfort, that is, I suddenly had a low fever, cold symptoms, runny nose and fatigue two days ago. My temperature is normal today. Want to ask the doctor, is it because you ate progesterone and your menstruation is early? Or a cold? Can progesterone capsule continue to eat?

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