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Recently, I feel right thyroid pain and sore throat

Jan 29 20224 people replied
Description Of Condition:

[null, 30] Hello, doctor. Recently, my right thyroid gland feels a little hot, a little painful, and my breathing is not smooth occasionally. For about 10 years, there is chronic pharyngitis in some parts, so there is also pharyngitis. The right thyroid gland is a little swollen with occasional spitting and some blood. Hypothyroidism was detected during pregnancy last year, and it will return to normal after giving birth to a baby. Recently, I stay up late to take care of my baby. I often wake up and feel good. It hurts a little in the afternoon or at night. Here are the results of color Doppler ultrasound a few months ago. I want to ask if my symptoms are serious and whether I will become cancer (I'm so worried) What should we pay attention to in future life?

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