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Doctor Yin Chao didn't wear gloves and condoms

Jan 26 20223 people replied
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Yin Chao doctor didn't wear gloves and rolled the condom with bare hands. I went for examination that afternoon. There were four people in front of me in my 60s. No one behind me was my turn to go in. The doctor was looking through a lot of documents and reports. I lay down. She was still turning over for a while and stopped to take the condom. She didn't wear gloves in the whole process from opening the coupling agent on the bag to rolling the probe on the condom. Of course, she didn't wash her hands. When she was ready to stretch in for examination, she stopped to wear a glove. Today is a week after the incident. My scheduled operation was stopped. The surgeon found out that there were many leucorrhea pus cells. The appointment date is overcast. So what other items do I need to check?

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