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In a bad mood, I always want to eat, but I'm not happy after eating.

Jan 27 20223 people replied
Description Of Condition:

I've always been in a low mood. I used to commit suicide in high school, but I'll be fine later. Recently, I feel depressed again. I feel that my heart has been pressed. I can sigh more than ten times a minute and can't cry. The idea of hurting yourself sprouted again. I want to ask the following questions: 1 I've always wanted to eat, but I feel like I'm just eating for the sake of eating. I won't be happy because I eat what I want to eat. Even after eating, I'll be more sad, and then I want to continue eating. I've been in this cycle. Whether this is bulimia. 2. I've been in the habit of tearing the skin of my hands since I was young. I tear the skin of my hands when I'm nervous or feel pressure. My hands are full of blood. How can I improve it. 3. When you are in a bad mood, you will be very irritable when you hear unnatural voices. You don't want to communicate with people, but occasionally you want to communicate with people. You used to talk to people, but now you don't want to talk at all. When lying down, you can always hear your heartbeat in your ears, and you can often see the reason for the fluctuation of your heartbeat from your chest.

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