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Bitten by a cat, bleeding about 5mm

Jan 25 20223 people replied
Description Of Condition:

As shown in the picture, there was no immediate bleeding when I was bitten. Looking back, I found that the swelling of the wound led to the bleeding, which may also be caused by urticaria. Later, I was always afraid of getting rabies. As a result, I am thinking nonsense every day. I go to Baidu to search for information. Whenever I think of rabies, I will choke in my throat and feel powerless. The cat involved in the accident was a British short for about 2 years. It had been under my supervision. It had been scratched and injected once before, but it was about a year and a half ago, and the cat was also injected a year and a half ago. I often stay up late, so there may be no antibody for three years. Now it has been 4 days since he was bitten by a cat. After learning about the observation method for 10 days, the cat still eats, drinks and sleeps normally. He doesn't walk disorderly and has a normal appetite. I give him snacks and he will rush over to eat. Can I continue to observe this situation? If the cat is still healthy for more than ten days, can I completely eliminate the possibility that the cat has rabies and I am infected with rabies? I'm really afraid. I'm worried that I can't sleep these days. Every time I think of it, people will be panic, and it may be because of fear, resulting in endocrine disorder, but I can't communicate with my family. If I know that I was bitten again, I will kill my cat.

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