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I'd like to ask about arthritis

Jan 06 20223 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Hello, doctor! My right arm hurts in the bend of my arm. It hurts when I move or when I don't move. It hurts for five or six days. It's a little cold that day. I went out shopping by electric car for about three kilometers. I feel the wind pouring into my sleeve. Will it be cold and get arthritis that time? Ask the doctor for advice! Coincidentally, that afternoon, I helped the big iron gate with my right hand. I didn't hold the big iron gate and fell down. I almost fell down. Did I pull the muscles of my arms? My right arm began to ache that night. I carefully recall that there are only two reasons. Please ask the doctor for advice on which is the most likely one? I am here to thank all the doctors very much!

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