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How should neck thyroid cyst be treated

Jan 24 20223 people replied
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The director of the Department of Otolaryngology showed me that there are two options now, either wait first, maybe it will be absorbed in a month or two, or surgery. I asked the operation plan. The doctor said that the knife edge of about 2-3cm may leave scars. I said that there is no technology for re dissolution of minimally invasive capsule aspiration fluid? The doctor said no, no matter how minimally invasive it is, it should be removed by surgery according to the size of your cyst. The doctor suggested waiting to see the absorption first. The five functions of thyroid gland were also checked and were normal. On the third day, when I went to get the results of five nail functions, the director who treated me didn't go to work. The doctor in the same department asked me to see it. She said that you can't absorb too much. Directly consider the operation cost, the operation hospitalization cost, etc. she said about more than 10000 and 20000. I'm very upset. I'm also afraid of leaving scars. The cost is really a lot. I'm very upset. Do you have a specialist to help me see and give me some suggestions

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