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How to clean the braces holder?

Jan 25 20222 people replied
Description Of Condition:

I have been orthodontic for about three years. I still sleep at night with a retainer. When I got up this morning and took it off for cleaning, the braces holder accidentally fell into the water in the sink of the wash basin and soaked. The water in this sink is estimated to be very dirty. I live in a public rental house, which is a public toilet. The water in the wash basin is likely to be left after people's defecation and hand washing. It is likely to contain Ascaris eggs, E. coli, etc; More seriously, I saw sore and bloodstains in the water of the sink (both nasal and dental blood), and I was more worried about syphilis, HIV (after all, a public house) and so on. This means that my dental retainer is indirectly exposed to water that may contain parasitic eggs (tapeworms, Ascaris eggs) and viruses (HIV, hepatitis B). I can't keep a small set of teeth in my mouth. Am I worried too much and a little afraid of catching parasites and viruses. How do I clean the braces holder? Using alcohol or mouthwash, which methods can inactivate viruses, bacteria and insect eggs? The safest way is to boil and disinfect with high-temperature water. I have thought about this. However, due to the material problem, the braces retainer cannot be used at high temperature. It will deform and reduce the retention effect on teeth. How can I disinfect it? (especially in the case of HIV, how long can it survive under dry conditions?) there are different opinions on the Internet. Once again, the high temperature killing method may not work. First, it is now low in winter and high temperature will destroy the dental sheath.

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