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The first time I used one, it bled. What's the matter?

Jan 25 20224 people replied
Description Of Condition:

On the 2nd of this month, menstruation was normal for 7 days. During the menstrual period, there were symptoms such as dysmenorrhea, blood clot and so on, but the blood clot felt unable to flow out. However, due to the small amount of menstruation this month, I went to the local maternal and Child Health Hospital to check my body and prescribed medicine. After taking medicine for one day, I had adverse reactions, headache, vomiting and weakness. Then I stopped taking medicine for two days and didn't take it at all. After two days, I only took Kunning granule twice a day, as if I had taken it for two days, Then there was no blood. After it was completely clean, I had a roommate the day before yesterday. There was no abnormality and no snow yesterday. Leucorrhea is a little bit more, and then I dropped the gel of Sophora flavescens in the evening, bleeding today, blood clots, blood and stomach. Is this normal?

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