Coughing for a week and still not recovered

Sep 13 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Last week, the child had a fever on Sunday afternoon, but he woke up in the evening and didn't have a fever again and again.The next day she had a slight cough, but she didn't cough much for the first two days, and then from the third day onwards she coughed every morning, and then as long as she didn't lie down when she got up, she was fine, and she hardly coughed at all throughout the day, but sometimes she woke up at night with a cough.Today, it has been a week, I see that she has no other discomfort except coughing, she can eat and drink, and her mental state is also very good, so I did not give her any medicine, today a little cooler, see her clear nose flowing out, coughing a little more during the day, but listen to the sound of her throat without phlegm is a dry cough, her father bought a compound fishy herb combination yesterday, but I read the instructions and wrote that there is a runny nose can not be eaten, so I did not give it to her.I did not give it to her to drink, and two days before that, I gave her pear water, but not since then.What kind of medicine should I take for this?Or is there any home remedy you can try without medication?

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