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Tonsil congestion, cysts, abscesses.

Sep 21 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

The symptoms are congestion in the throat, a cyst or something like that in the right tonsil, occasional dryness, itchiness, occasional slight pain in the throat, and the inability to smell irritating odors such as smoke.Smell irritating odors, such as the smell of smoke, the room with the smell of smoke at night will be directly dry itchy wake up, sometimes that dry itch directly to my choking tears will come out, go to the hospital, the doctor recommended surgery to remove the lesion tonsils, can also be removed bilaterally.I would like to ask: 1) whether surgery is needed; 2) whether the right side of the lesion needs to be removed on the left side; 3) whether there are risks associated with this surgery?Can I go to a city hospital to do it?The first photo uploaded is a month or so ago, those days were more serious, halfway through the medication and drip after the symptoms have improved.The second photo, which is not particularly red and swollen, is the current photo

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