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Runny nose, loss of appetite, occasional vague stomach pain.

Sep 22 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

During this time, there is some runny nose, cough and dry throat.My stomach sometimes hurts, vaguely.It feels like it's above or around my belly button.Hungry, but not much appetite to eat.When I eat too much, I get bloated and have some regurgitation.Sometimes it feels like I want to have diarrhea, but I don't.The poop that comes out is really black.This has been there for a while.When pressing the lower abdomen of the stomach, I feel the urge to urinate, but also just after going to the toilet for half an hour, an hour.It is also true that the toilet is a little more frequent these days.Yesterday, at noon, I ate half of my meal.I felt hungry at 7pm.But I didn't eat.When I went out in the evening, I felt a slight stomachache, took a pill of morpholine and went out.I felt a little dizzy and uncomfortable for some time afterwards, which was relieved after eating.When I came back in the car after eating, I also felt like I was having a hard time with my stomach, and I had a feeling of regurgitation.I don't usually get carsick.Last night when I came back, I felt a little feverish, didn't take my temperature, and after a while I was fine again.Today at lunch, just took out the rice, a little regurgitation, want to vomit, now better, but feel a little too much saliva in the mouth.A few bubbles grew on the mouth, it seems to be every time I ate too much, indigestion, it will grow.The main thing is that my symptoms it is sometimes obvious to come, very obvious.When it's not obvious, it feels like just a little runny nose and cough.There is also a slight pain in the position of going to the toilet.What is it.

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