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A lot of red spots at home with clothes on

Sep 22 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Mid-Autumn Festival at home, the child's grandfather always play, two people hugging lying on his grandfather, during the grandfather's home toilet on the inertia out on the public toilet, and then the evening bath children's armpits under the back waist a lot of red bun, at first thought mosquito bites, but the family sprayed medicine through the wind open air conditioning no mosquitoes ah, and wear are long pants long sleeves air conditioning open very low, mosquito bites general itch ah, and then thought allergies, with allergy medicine, and then the allergy medicine, and then the allergy medicine.A night did not go away, but also see the back of the red spot in the middle of the milky white dots a touch is gone, is what was bitten, home before the holiday cleaning very clean ah, open the air conditioning, what was bitten, wearing clothes home can be what bitten.

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