Neuralgia with fever at night for a few days

Sep 05 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Head nerve pain for 5 days now, went to the hospital 2 days ago to get a prescription for nerve pain, no improvement for now, did a brain CT and didn't find any abnormalities.The last few days, the fever will be feverish at night, at first only low fever, estimated to be about 37.5, the body does not feel discomfort, after that there is no fever symptoms during the day, the body temperature at night is about 38.Today, I also have a temperature of about 38.5 during the day, and I have had a negative nucleic acid test. Can neuralgia cause a fever due to decreased resistance, and will it cause a fever due to decreased resistance during my period in the past two days?In this case, what department should I go to if I go back to the doctor? Should I go to the neurology department because the neuralgia in my head has not improved significantly, and is it possible that the fever is caused by the neuralgia in my head, or should I just go to the fever clinic?

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