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I want to correct my bad life and return to normal. What should I do?

Dec 29 20212 people replied
Description Of Condition:

After junior high school, I made some bad friends; Therefore, in this case, I caught yellow and masturbation, which often affected me to see some bad things. I regret it very much. After half a month of abstinence, I almost got rid of this dilemma; Just a few days ago, I accidentally opened a bad website. I felt that those bad people were particularly disgusting. At the same time, I also regretted what I had done wrong before; Therefore, I think of countless bad information I have browsed in the past. I feel extremely repentant. I am so sad and even uncomfortable that I don't even know my home. I always feel that I'm not in my original home; Now every time I think of the things I've browsed in the past, I feel cold and uncomfortable; Yesterday, I saw a similar web page again. I made a mistake again. After that, I was dizzy, had a blurred vision and had trouble breathing. I didn't sleep until 2 o'clock; Today, I confessed for another day. I feel that everything in the past is wrong. Every time I think of this kind of thing, the previous bad pictures constantly emerge in my mind, which makes me repent, uncomfortable or even disgusting. My brain has been occupied by those disgusting things, but now I don't want to see them at all. I try to repel them. The more I repel them, the more serious they become, and even feel where I am, The place where I live is no longer the original place. I keep rejecting it. Now I especially want to get rid of it, especially to make it disappear in my brain and let me find the feeling of going home; How to change and forget it; I hope you can find a way to save me; thank you!

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