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Penile erection bleeding bleeding after urination

Dec 25 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

After ejaculation the night before yesterday, there was blood from the urethral orifice (not the foreskin) After outflow, the end of urine also bleeds after urination. What I'm talking about is pure blood. It's not that it doesn't hurt when hematuria bleeds. It's that I feel frequent urination and urgent urination these two days. Yesterday, the hospital bought some levofloxacin and cefdini dispersible tablets. I took a meal last night. I didn't have blood twice after urination this morning. At present, I don't dare to try. Do I need to observe or go to cystoscopy and other examinations? Supplement: the urine routine done ten days ago is normal. It's the physical examination that didn't show a picture

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