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What medicine does 3-year-old baby cough take

Dec 27 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

It is contagious in kindergarten and has been coughing intermittently. When I got up on Friday morning and measured the ear temperature of 37.5, I rested at home. There was a sound of phlegm when I coughed. I took medicine at home, drank Yitanjing for 4 days, took cephalosporin and 99 children's cold granules. Now the ear temperature is occasionally 37.5, sometimes 37 or 36.8 before going to bed and just waking up. But the cough is still severe. She coughed badly when she fell asleep. She almost threw up. Sneezing is yellow thick runny nose. Today, she stopped 999 and cephalosporin and only drank Yitanjing. Do you need to give her some medicine?

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