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What is the performance of anxiety disorder recovery?

Dec 27 20213 people replied
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Ask, what is the manifestation of the recovery of anxiety disorder? I had a lot of panic attacks in the first half of this year (basically, sometimes I'm fine for half a month, sometimes I can have two attacks a day), and then I tried to commit suicide three or four times (in fact, I stopped after half because I couldn't carry out it or because I didn't want to die). I was diagnosed with moderate anxiety and mild depression in July. I took medicine for a month and a half and then stopped. I haven't had panic attacks since August, There is basically no traumatic stress disorder after September. But there will still be sudden crying from time to time (when it's less, it's probably all right in a week, and when it's more, it can be four or five times a day). Maybe one day a week, I'm afraid I'll get out of control. Occasionally, I have emotional chest tightness and think about suicide (but I don't want to commit suicide). Sometimes I overeat and make my stomach ache, but only eating can make me feel comforted. Am I cured now?

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