Painful pressure around the belly button and gastrointestinal discomfort

Sep 21 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

February 2018 cesarean surgery 2019 gastroscopy chronic superficial gastritis with hypothyroidism, intrahepatic bile duct stones, regular checkups normal.Have been upper abdomen and stomach feel less comfortable September 2020 appendicitis minimally invasive surgery after surgery still feel intermittent gastrointestinal less comfortable, stool forming, dip toilet, basically once a day, every morning more than 6:00 am on time stomach discomfort, a few farts, go to the toilet.The stomach rumbles and feels like it has gas, pressing on the stomach will also fart, and sometimes it hurts to press around the belly button, people are not energetic, tired when doing a little thing, I would like to ask if it is serious, is there a problem with the stomach or intestines.If I go to the hospital, what are the most effective tests to be done?I would like to thank the doctor for his answer, and what about the results of the physical examination for pelvic effusion?

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