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In winter, the skin is itchy and uncomfortable

Nov 03 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Every winter, the whole body starts to itch. The colder it is, the more itchy it is. Especially in the legs, there is no way to stop itching by grasping bleeding. Sometimes the ointment usually used to stop itching is useless. Sometimes it can be slightly alleviated by wiping the itchy place with water. The weather is dry and the skin is particularly uncomfortable when it is dry. The hydrating products have also been used. It can't be said that they have no effect, but the effect is not much. Taking medicine can only temporarily stop the medicine and start itching again. What can the doctor do to alleviate it? I'm in Guangxi in the south. It's dry. It's very wet, especially in rainy days. It's more uncomfortable and itchy.

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