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With diabetes and multiple thyroid nodules, weight loss was 8 kg in one year.

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Description Of Condition:

Palpitation, shortness of breath and palpitation began to appear in the middle of February this year. There were more than 600 premature beats on ambulatory ECG, and the exercise treadmill was normal; There was no significant change in B-ultrasound of thyroid nodules. The five items of thyroid function were basically normal, but thyrotropin 0.22 was lower than the normal value. Thyroid carcinoembryonic antigen and calcitonin serum were normal. Radionuclide images were basically normal. After taking Wenxin granule and other traditional Chinese medicine, the symptoms were basically improved. At the beginning of September, the weight decreased from 50 kg to 44.7 kg. At the beginning of August, I had an irregular dry cough. At the end of August, I steamed pears at home. After three days of eating, I had serious stomach discomfort, no appetite, and the taste of my tongue disappeared. I could only drink thin rice soup. My stomach was afraid of cold and could not eat hot things. After taking the decoction, it got better. But he was always in a daze and had no sense of hunger. When he ate something, his stomach felt lump and full of pain. During this period, I took Decoction and Xiangsha Yangwei pill. But capricious, unable to eat normally. Weight dropped from 44.7 kg to 42 kg. Abdominal and pelvic CT were done in the hospital, which was basically normal. Gastroscopy will be performed on January 5, 2022.

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