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Is this thyroid dysfunction?

Dec 22 20215 people replied
Description Of Condition:

During a visit, the doctor found that my neck was abnormal, but I didn't feel anything myself! The test found that the thyroid index increased (TSH, free T3), and a box of: (youjiale) levothyroxine sodium tablets was opened. I started with half a tablet. Recheck TSH after half a month, and the result is higher! Then the doctor asked me to add from half a tablet to one! Recheck again today, the result: TSH and free T4 are normal, but free T3 is a little higher! Then the doctor told me to reduce it to 2 / 3 tablets. The doctor only said that there was a problem with the thyroid gland, and there would be a review later! I checked on the Internet and felt that I didn't completely match hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism! Excuse me, what's the situation with me?!

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