Heavy head, dizziness, tinnitus, cervical discomfort

Sep 19 20213 people replied
Description Of Condition:

Symptoms are: dizziness all day, dizziness, tinnitus, poor sleep, dreamy, cervical discomfort, dizziness and weakness of the hands and feet when eating dinner is particularly obvious, sometimes sleep suddenly woke up a little shaky whole body, side to side to look at the phone and stand up head dizziness very much, has been more than three months, blood pressure (blood pressure measured many times have more than one hundred and four) cervical spine MRI, CT, x-ray, routine ECG, head MRI, CTThe examination report is as follows ↓, all the tests said that there is not much effect, but how my body is still that uncomfortable, really painful, do what work can not do, go out more than two steps are heavy head dizziness, I have to do?What should I do? Consider what is wrong with it?What else do I need to see and check?

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